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Interlingua Corpus Project

Created by Jason Ding with the help of his mentor, Todd Mockler, the Interlingua Corpus Project has a collection of over 1.2 million quality-controlled Interlingua sentences scraped from an individually-designed web crawler that has visited over 6 million relevant websites, while also providing over 80,000 parallel Interlingua-English sentences and other useful data.

    Link to the Interlingua Corpus Project

Google Colab Interlingua Translator

Created by Jason Ding with the help of his mentor, Todd Mockler, the first online, public, and free and open source Interlingua and English translator was created. This translator uses the strongest Interlingua-English translator model there is to translate in both directions between English and Interlinuga.

The model has scored a BLEU score of 42.45 going from English to Interlingua and a 42.54 going from Interlingua to English, both of which are "high quality translation" according to one of Google's articles.

    Link to the Google Colab Interlingua-English Translator

Source Code

All source code and code used in all of the projects will be posted in the following GitHub account.

    Link to the GitHub account

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